Do you know students or recent graduates that would make great candidates for an Internships Thailand experience in Hospitality and Tourism? Are you working at a university with a Hospitality program, either degree or diploma based, which has students interested in a professional internship in their field of study? Do you work in career services and are you looking to place you current students in a position that can lead to their gainful employment in the future? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can be a partner and agent of Internships Thailand. Internships Thailand currently works with universities, colleges and agents from all over the world, so why not your university of agency?

We provide educational institutions and agents additional services that can be marketed exclusively to their students and clients, including financial incentives for each intern enrolled in our internship program.

When you work with us, you guarantee your students/clients a hospitality internship in their area of choice which includes application support, placement at a host company, accommodation, visa and work permits, meals, airport pick up, social activities, orientation and performance reviews. We provide a full service experience that is sure to make a lasting impression on your students/clients, helping them develop the careers and lifestyle they are looking for.


Information and Marketing Material to use with participants:

We are always happy to provide you with our information and marketing materials to support you and your team to promote our program, and educate your students. Please feel free to download the documents below for your reference and usage with the potential participants.

General information prior to application, for interns:

Information after submitting an application:

Information for Interns before Placement:

Information for Interns prior to Arriving in Thailand: