Sofi Aceves

“…one of the most important decisions I have ever take in my life to grow Personally and Professionally.”

Patricia Gómez

Since I arrived in Bangkok the city was awe-inspiring. The city never sleeps it’s always moving, doing something and never resting.

Moises Morales

My overall experience in Thailand has been incredible, can’t believe the amazing places I’ve been..

Diana Sánchez

I love Thailand and I am very glad I made this decision, which has changed my life for good.

Daniela López

Internship in Thailand has been a great experience. The accommodation is great and the hotel staff has been really friendly.

Athziri Cisneros

I have been for two months and I can say that I have learned a lot, that I have strengthened my vocation, that I love my work, that it has completely changed my lifestyle…