Internships Thailand can assist you with sourcing highly talented interns (trainees) for your organization from all over the world. Interns are highly motivated trainees as they are genuinely seeking to experience the work environment within the Hospitality / Travel & Tourism industry. They are here because they want to be here to learn and benefit.

There are no prerequisites for host companies in terms of size or staff numbers. We simply ask you to:

  • Allocate a supervisor from within the organization to oversee the intern.
  • Work with us to agree a Training Plan/Job Description for the intern prior to placement that utilizes the intern’s educational background.
  • Involve the intern in the daily routines and operations of the designated role within the Hotel/organization.
  • Provide an appropriate and supportive training environment for the intern.
  • Provide a reference for the intern at the end of the internship.

Internships Thailand supervises the process from start to finish. We will:

  • Asses your needs and advise on the most suitable intern for your organization.
  • We will then source an intern to suit your needs.
  • We will asses the intern’s qualifications, experience etc. to make sure it fits your requests.
  • We will supervise the intern during the internship and maintain contact with you to make sure all is going smooth and both parties are satisfied with the internship.
  • We monitor the intern’s progress both during working hours and through our huge social program for interns after working..