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Diana Sánchez






Centara Grand at Central Plaza Laoprao Bangkok


Culinary Arts

Honestly I haven’t heard much about people traveling to Thailand. In Mexico is not very common people traveling to these places, they preferred a European or Australian destination because of the proximity. The last year, my French fiends told me about Thailand and how amazing it is. Watching the movie, The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio, super famous, gives you an idea of the kind of paradise which is this country.

My university required me an internship, so I decided to go beyond, and live the experience abroad for the second time. This kind of challenges fascinate me but it had a slightly bigger barrier … ” the language”. This made my experience and everything much more attractive because it was a completely different culture and language.

I still remember the day I took the plane to come, I never felt so nervous about traveling … 28 hours of journey would not be easy. The experience was about to become reality … coming to town I didn’t felt very strange because Bangkok is a big city. Nothing new for me because I am from the city of Mexico, got used to it very fast!

Although it was very easy to get used to the place and the people I felt very lonely and homesick, start living in an apartment, pay rent, water, electricity etc. … has made me mature and although it was difficult at first feel that generated a big change in me, I am much more independent than a year ago.

At Centara Grand at Central Plaza Laoprao Bangkok everyone received me really well. I’m in one of the best hotels in Bangkok, although far from the center is one of the most important chains if not the largest in Thailand, so I feel so lucky because is easy to communicate.

The language is a barrier, but only at first. Not so many people speak English in this country, and those who speak good has a weird accent that the first week will make you believe you do not know nor English lol. This is a matter of a couple of weeks so that instead of speaking English talk “body language” which is amazing because you can really communicate with anyone.

At the hotel must of the people speaks English or at least the basics then it is not so difficult as going outside and try to order food, but as I said before this is a matter of getting used to, and not despair!!! There were days when you don’t want to be with Thai people! But one must understand that you are in their country and at least make the effort to speak a little of their language for them is a way to show respect. It is very easy here to learn: “mai pen rai” which in thai means “dont worry” and start taking situations in a more cool and calm way. “life is easier when you learn to enjoy what you have”

Something I should note is that here in Thailand there is a large community of expats (people from around the world that are totally in love with Thailand and stayed to live) have gone so far with Canadian German Spanish French Filipino friends etc. It was perfect for me because I keep practicing my French, Spanish and English speaking, knowing even more about other cultures and customs.

I’m having a great time here, I got free days because of holidays which gives me a chance to meet all these beautiful havens located outside of Bangkok. Being honest I’m not a huge fan of Bangkok. I must admit that you will enjoy the incredible nights, there’s always party at a bar, it is a city of which you never get bored. After two months this place begins part of your heart and your stomach! The food for me is amazing.

I love the spicy stuff and there’s plenty here! (And low cost, that’s even more amazing) Also if you’re not such a fan of the spicy there are things that can be eaten but is always very delicious … so much that I have not missed you so much my food.

This is a unique opportunity in life, hanging out with a CV saying you were working here is truly valuable, and because they appreciate very much the work of foreigners, and if you are passionate and good at what you do people trust you a lot giving more jobs and opportunities for growth.

I love Thailand and I am very glad I made this decision, which has changed my life for good.