Patricia Gómez

Patricia Gómez






Uno Más by Centara Grand at Central World, Bangkok



My name is Patricia Gómez and I’m from Mexico. I am halfway of my internship in Thailand and it has been much more than I ever imagined. Since I arrived in Bangkok the city was awe-inspiring. The city never sleeps it’s always moving, doing something and never resting.

I’m a current intern in the restaurant “Uno Más” by Centara Grand at Central World, Bangkok. You can’t imagine how many things I’m learning day by day. I see myself growing in a professional and personal way.

There are tons of reasons I can mention you why I love my internship, but I think the most important one is my team, since my first day of job they had made my days awesome, full of learning, happiness, teamwork and always making me laugh. The work environment is incredible and being part of such amazing team keeps me motivated every day.

I start to explore Bangkok and I discovered the magnitude of the city with the temples and surroundings. They are the perfect reflection of “me being on the other side of the world”. Maybe the hardest part on this side of the world is to adapt to a completely different culture.

My Thai is becoming better and I’m proud of it, now I can ask for a cab and even haggle better prices on the markets. I remember me being in Mexico and expecting a completely different thing of what I’m living now, I’m loving it and enjoying every single minute of it. First I had no idea why I chose Bangkok for my internship and although I still don’t know but I am grateful for my decision.

This is an amazing cultural experience!